Dr. Sasam Zarrabi

I am Dr. Sasan Zarrabi, a psychologist. I offer various techniques and treatments for a wide variety of psychological disorders, such as anxiety, depression, psychosomatic disorders, conversion disorders, and other mental issues. Also, the problems of interpersonal relationships and couple therapy are among my other areas of work.
I am also a clinical hypnotherapist. Therefore, I use this powerful technique to eliminate some of my client’s problems, to increase their inner balance and peace.
In addition, I help my clients overcome their false beliefs and improve their low self-esteem and self-confidence (which is the root of many other mental and behavioral problems).
Helping my clients to develop their potential and talents and define the correct goals for their lives is one of my priorities. I am eager to show people what power lies within them and how they can find ways to grow their internal assets and competencies and improve their mental abilities.
My interests in education, research, and treatment are focused on clinical, health, and positive psychology.
I hope I can be an effective person in my professional path.

Dr. Fatemeh Moradi

I am Dr. Fatemeh Moradi, a psychologist.
I started studying clinical psychology in 1378 and then I continued my studies until the master's degree in general psychology and specialized doctorate in psychology. In 2005, I started my professional activity in the field of psychotherapy and teaching at the university. I published the first translation of the book entitled Child and Adolescent Pathological Psychology (authored by: Weiss) with the cooperation of a group of university colleagues and under the editorship of the respected professor Dr. Hamzeh Ganji in 2008, and I have published works in the field of psychopathology.
In the years of professional activity, I have worked with the position of psychologist of the Ministry of Health (head of organ transplant team psychologists), Royan Infertility Center, Golrang Complex (Golpaksh Central and Sorena Golden Star), Maskan Bank, and Sepid Travelers Clinic and provided psychotherapy services to hundreds of my compatriots. I did.
My specialized fields are premarital counseling and couple therapy, solving individual problems and helping to improve the development of individual skills and solving interpersonal conflicts, personality typology, nutrition and weight control psychotherapy and treatment of depression disorders, breaking habits based on the matrix model, anxiety disorders and … is. I am happy to be able to combine my theoretical knowledge and practical experience to help people live healthier and more productive lives.